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Sunday, April 01, 2012

My Favorite Source for Business Cards

'GrandDaddy's Barn' 8x10 pastel ©Karen Margulis
painting available HERE paypal or check $95

I have been putting on my business hat this weekend. I spent the day yesterday doing my taxes. And today I need to restock on basic business supplies. I am running low on business cards so it is time to place an order. My favorite source for business cards and postcards is Vistaprint, an online source for all kinds of printed materials. You can order 250 business cards for as low as $10. I prefer to spend a little extra to get custom cards but the cost is still very reasonable. Best of all the quality is great. I choose to upload an image of my own art and I have been very pleased with how accurate the colors print. It is very easy to create a custom card and it is saved in your account which makes reordering easy. Here are my most recent cards.

Postcards and Business cards from Vistaprint

I also like to have postcards printed. Postcards are a nice way to showcase your work. I like to include them with sold paintings. I make new postcards with new images when I reorder.

Of course designing a business card is an art in itself. I prefer to keep mine simple with an image of my favorite work on the front and Vistaprint lets me do this easily and for a good price. If you are interested in exploring different approaches to the business card for artists you may be interested in this blog post from Fidelis Art Prints about 10 creative business card designs.
Today's painting is a demo I did for a private student. It is 8x10 on moonstone Canson.


Julie Ford Oliver said...

Granddaddy's Barn is beautiful. I feel I would like to visit. I always love your foregrounds too.
Thanks for the heads up on the cards. Good info to have.

robertsloan2art said...

Thanks for the link! Now that I've moved to San Francisco where I meet people offline, I've been thinking about getting business cards. I run into too many situations where I'd like to give them out.

I like how yours look, with a print on one side and information on the other. Glad this company has good prices and good quality.

Love the painting too, Grand-daddy's Barn is a good one.