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Thursday, May 10, 2012

How to Outfit your Studio for Less

'Sharing the Warmth'     8x10     pastel
A few of my recent thrift store finds
Being an artist can be expensive!  Art supplies can be pricey and we never have enough. We need things for storage and for carting around our supplies. We need frames and display easels. We need art books and magazines for inspiration. We need items for still life set ups.  All of these things and more can be found at thrift stores, estate sales and garage sales.  I usually make a weekly 'thrift store run' to get out of the studio and see what treasures I might find.

I have found some awesome items at my local thrift stores. Probably my most useful find was the large wooden bakers rack on wheels that I use for paper storage. Last week I wasn't having much luck. I was on my last shop and went to the book section where I discovered two nice books on Sargent and two brand new Moleskin sketchbooks. One was even sealed with a price of $18.95 on it. I got them all for $2 each!  I love the thrill of a good find!

What kind of second hand items have you found for art? I'd love to hear your stories! Please comment below so we can all be jealous!


robertsloan2art said...

Wow! Those are some great finds! Love the painting you illustrated this entry with too, very cool still life.

Rebecca Hostetter said...

I absolutely LOVE the thrill of a good deal. What a score for you! And I love ANYTHING Sargent! Love your work too:-)
My best score of late was finding incredible Arizona Petrified Rock in an old Rock Shop that was closed, but they let us in to look amongst the weeds. I came home with some rare "designer" pieces at unbelievable prices-Fun!

Karen said...

Thanks Robert!
Rebecca that is awesome! I love rocks and would have loved poking around the weeds!!