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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Make Time for Art This Summer...My Tips

'Share a Little Sunshine'   8x10       pastel         ©Karen Margulis  available HERE  $95
Summer is coming and to many summer means taking a break and taking it slow. My students welcome the break of the routine of weekly classes. I think sometimes we are like kids. We look forward to summer vacation from our regular routines. But like kids if we don't do some kind of summer learning we have to play catch up in the fall.  I encourage you to Make Time for Art this summer!  I may not be holding my weekly classes but I have planned several classes that I call my 'Summer Camp' series. I will be offering several fun pastel classes that invite students to explore some alternative techniques such as monotypes, dusting, fast & loose minis. The classes will be a relaxing a fun way to keep the creative juices flowing over the summer. See the schedule HERE.  Keep reading for my tips for making time for art this summer.

Two new pastel converts! We had fun painting sunflowers in a private class.
What can you do if you don't have access to summer camp classes? Here are some ideas that have helped me:
  1. Make it a goal or challenge yourself to paint of sketch every day. Keep a sketchbook or do a small painting everyday. One year I took a large calender and did a small sketch in each day's box.
  2. Make room for art. Set aside a room or a corner where you can leave some supplies set up and handy. You will paint more often if you don't have to spend time setting up and cleaning it all up after each painting session.
  3. Invest in some quality materials. They really do make a difference and your art is worth it! Order a sampler set of pastels or paper from Dakota Pastels.
  4. Read and participate in online art forums such as wet canvas. Facebook has many art groups to join. It is fun to post your work and get feedback as well as inspiration from all the wonderful art being posted.
  5. READ READ READ!  Always have an art book on your nightstand. I am working on compiling a list of my favorite art books to share.
  6. Subscribe to at least one art magazine and spend some downtime reading every page. I love getting my Pastel Journal!
  7. Check in on your favorite art blogs.
  8. Make a small art goal for yourself. Whether it is painting more often or entering a show...set a goal and go for it!
  9. Try a different medium or art form all together. I love crafty things but never make time to do them. Check in on Pinterest and pick a project to complete.
Do you have any ideas for making time for art? I'd love to hear them!  I will also be posting more about my summer camp sessions so you can follow along with us. Be sure to sign up for blog updates so you don't miss them! (sign up on sidebar)


robertsloan2art said...

These are all great tips and I do most of them. Thank you for a wonderful article. The folks in your area are so lucky to be able to attend your Summer Camp lessons.

Thinking about the Dakota Sampler pastels, they're organized by color groups. Blue is the most useful color to get in the sampler if that's your first-ever pastels, for three good reasons.

1) Monochrome or near-monochrome scenes in blue read true to viewers because twilight makes the world a blue monochrome.

2) Blues wear out fast because they cover very large areas of any landscape painting, every one of the variations of hue and value is useful even after getting all the other colors.

3) Blues are often used to modify other colors as well as on large areas, so they're just plain useful.

I bought a Greens sampler because I already had some other artist grade pastels in a general assortment. I never had enough greens. Lately though as I use more other colors in foliage, I'm seeing how the blues assortment would have been at least as useful and maybe more so.

Karen said...

I have never given much thought about what sample set to choose but you have made a great case for the blue set!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I would like to share what you have said in a future blog post if it is OK with you.