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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Variation on a Theme...Hydrangeas

'Tea Party Hydrangeas'          12x12       acrylic on canvas  sold

I am back from a few days in Florida of total relaxation.  If you read my earlier post I intended to undergo a 'Creativity Cleanse'.  It was a great success!  I didn't paint and I didn't even take photos. I had no internet connection except for my phone which kept me mostly offline. What did I do?  I took my 8 year old nephew and cousin to the pool twice a day. We took my dog Heidi to the beach and to Mount Dora to the dog bakery. I planned my next big Southwest Adventure for the summer of 2013. And I visited with my mom and dad and spent some great quality time.

It will be great to see what happens in the studio this week after the week off. I am caught up with commissions so I get to paint whatever I want. I am itching to get started!

Today I am sharing a painting I did a couple of weeks ago. I am working on an ongoing series of Hydrangeas. I want to paint them in several mediums and see the difference. This is an acrylic on canvas. I am using Interactive acrylics which I like a lot. If you would like to see the oil version click here.

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Maria Hock said...

I love hydrangeas and this painting brings a smile to my face. I love the glass and the dappled shadows. So beautifully rendered!

Karen said...

Thanks Maria! They are one of my favorite flowers. I just planted three bushes so I hope to have my own next year!!


Both paintings are breathtaking. The acrylic version is my favorite. You have such a delicate touch, just enough paint. Your work is very fresh and bright. I just love it!

Karen said...

Thank you very much Linda! I appreciate it!

Carol Sprovtsoff/Artist said...

Karen, I am wondering how you always have your pictures come up first when I am googling on a subject.

Karen said...

Hi Carol, I wonder if you are in my Google+ circle, that might be why. I do know that my images come up near the top of the searches if it is a subject that I paint a lot. Since I post the paintings on many locations on the web they get a high ranking.
That's my best guess!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Linda, this acrylic version is my favorite too!

Adriana Guidi said...

I love the new painting done in acrylics too-the colors are so vibrant!