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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How to Make a Photo Collage of your Art

'Nest Box Treasure'          5x7        pastel          ©Karen Margulis
available in my Etsy shop $50
There is something satisfying about seeing your art work displayed together. Maybe it is a feeling of accomplishment or satisfaction that you do have a real body of work. You can learn a lot from looking at your work when it is in a collection. Do you have a consistent style? What are you doing well? What could you improve?  It isn't always easy to evaluate a collection of your work. Pieces get sold or maybe on display somewhere. It takes up space and time to get them all together. I found a great way to compile a collection of your art in the form of a photo collage!

The collage I created at Collage.com with my nest paintings

I was recently introduced to the website collage.com.  After making a few photo collages I have to say I am hooked. I can see so many possibilities for these collages. I can make collages of my paintings and use them  to evaluate a body of work. And that is just the beginning!  Here is a little about Collage.com taken from their website:
Collage.com is a website that lets you upload pictures, make them into a custom collage, and order high-quality printed products featuring your collage. You can also share Collage.com collages online for free. Each collage can include hundreds of pictures arranged either in one of our 50+ shapes, or however you like.
The key technology that differentiates Collage.com from other software is its patent-pending auto-placement engine. Collage.com will automatically arrange photos to cover any shape without gaps or overlapping – something you can't get anywhere else! But that isn't all. Collage.com also lets you place photos anywhere you want. It will automatically adjust surrounding photos to eliminate gaps and overlapping, leaving a picture-perfect custom collage!
I can say without hesitation that it was very easy to create a collage. It is a very user-friendly website. You can make a collage just a few simple steps.
  1. Choose a product and size...poster,cards,canvas, mug, mouse pad
  2. Choose a shape. There are over 100 shapes including my favorite...words! I chose a custom word and just typed in 'nest'/
  3. Add photos. Either upload your photos or get them from Facebook. You can add up to 500 photos. I used photos of my art work but of course you can collage any of your photos.
  4. Create and share your collage with the click of the mouse. Of course you can purchase your creation and when you see them you will want to! 
Visit Collage.com and give it a try. See how easy it is to visualize a collection of your paintings all together in the form of a photo collage.  Now imagine the possibilities for using these photo collages in the promotion of your work. I will be posting more on this in my Business Tips column soon!
You can purchase a print of my nest collage at collage.com. click here 

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