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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

A Quick and Easy Way to Tone Pastel Paper

'Moonlight Serenade'       11x14       pastel      ©Karen Margulis
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Sometimes white paper just won't do.  I like to paint on white paper because gives a feeling of light to a painting.  But there are certain subjects that do best on a colored surface. Sometime the white of the paper peeking through the pastel are distracting. If you don't have colored paper or use a white or light colored sanded paper (Uart, Wallis) then this method if a great technique to try.

Toning UArt Paper 
It is quick and easy to tome a piece of paper with a stick of hard pastel and a piece of pipe insulation foam.  Simply use the side of the pastel and cover the paper with a light layer. Use a hard pastel so you don't fill up the tooth of the paper. You only need a light layer since you will be rubbing it in. I use a piece of foam pipe insulation that I cut into small pieces to rub the pastel into the paper.

Why would you want to tone your paper?

  • Toned paper helps unify your colors. The bits of the toned surface will peek through giving instant color harmony to your painting.
  • The color of your paper helps set a certain mood or feeling. A warm color lends a warm sunny feeling while a cool color can give a moody, cool feel to the painting.
  • Toning the paper can help take the fear of facing a 'blank canvas'. Just the physical act of spreading the pastel on the paper can help you get warmed up to paint.
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