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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to Paint Clouds Sneak Peek

'Desert Sky'         8x10         pastel   demo      ©Karen Margulis   $95  paypal
Online pastel lessons will be coming soon!  This has been something on my to do list for awhile now but I finally found a platform that will suit my lessons perfectly.  I am excited to get my lessons online finally.  I have been asked to add some pastel lessons to the Art Tutorial section at Daily Paintworks.com.

Art Tutorials or Art Bytes are short online art lessons that are affordable. They cover everything from materials to painting techniques. Many are free and others cost $3 - $10.  You can see what is offered over at Daily Paintworks. http://www.dailypaintworks.com/ArtTutorials/ArtByteStore

My lessons will cover pastel materials and techniques as well as tips for painting certain subjects such as clouds.  Think of my art bytes as my blog posts expanded and filled with much more detail and content.  My plan is to take some of my favorite studio classes and make all of the information available in a bite size lesson.  Here is s sneak peek.

My demo table for our Cloud lesson

 In this class we will learn how to paint more effective clouds using colors other than white or gray. We will learn how to avoid painting 'cotton ball' clouds. Why this happens and ways we can prevent it. We will also talk about a blue sky and how we can make it appear more authentic. This is just for starters!

My demo easel
I am looking forward to having access to a  simple and well thought out platform to share my lessons. I will be posting my first lessons in October. My son is getting married next week so I am busy with wedding things this week!  I will keep you posted here on the blog or you can email me and ask to be notified by email when the lessons are posted.
If you have any special requests for pastel lessons let me know! kemstudios@yahoo.com


Peggy said...

OOO Karen, I'm looking forward to them :)
I need all the help I can get with landscapes LOL!

Karen said...

Great! I'll keep you updated! Thanks!

Debby said...

Can't wait! Please notify me when the lessons are posted.

Michelle Wells Grant said...

Yay! I'm first in line for your online classes! I'm continually amazed at how prolific you are ... daily paintings, blog posts (and I know how much time the photos and composition for this takes!), classes ....and now your son's wedding??? You must be a super focused person, something I am NOT!

So looking forward to learning more from you!