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Friday, November 23, 2012

Pastel & Mixed Media Class at the Art School of Sandy Springs

'Winter Magic'      8x10   Pastel on homemade surface   $95 purchase here
I am in Florida this week visiting family and I spent the ride down working on lesson plans for my winter classes.  I am exited to announce that I will be teaching this winter at the Art School of Sandy Springs. I will be teaching a class on Pastel and Mixed Media. This will be a 6 week course starts January 15 9:00-12:30.  Here is a description of the class:

 Winter landscapes, clouds and skies, marsh scapes, bird's nests and florals will be the subjects of this pastel class. Will learn to work with prepared backgrounds. Explore the wonderful flexibility of the pastel medium. Pastel can be combined with most other painting and drawing mediums which makes it ideal for experimenting with mixed media techniques. In this class we will explore the
possibilities of mixing pastel with acrylics, oils, ink and more to create texture and special effects that cannot be achieved with pastel alone. Underpainting, oil stained underpainting, pastel dusting, texture with pastel/acrylic mixture, painting on a black surface... Al level welcome.

The painting in today's post shows one of the techniques we will be using.  We will create our own pastel surface which is an excellent way to add texture to a pastel painting.  If you would like to learn more about the class or to register visit the school's website here http://theartschoolinsandysprings.com/Home_Page.html

For my regular Wednesday students, our classes will resume January 16th. Look for an email soon!

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