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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What to do With Leftover Oil Paint

'Remembering Summer'         8x10      pastel  ©Karen Margulis
available on Daily Paintworks  $75
 What can you do with the leftover paint on your palette after a painting session?  You can save it of course.  But if it is time to give your palette a good cleaning then you might want to do something with the leftover paint.  I hate to throw anything usable away!  One of the things I did was to paint miniatures with the leftover paint. But I still had some left. It was too little to save but too much to throw out!  So I did some under paintings!

Oil Stain Underpaintings
I took out some pieces of 8x10 sanded paper. I had some cut Uart and Wallis on hand. I clipped the papers to my board and went to work.  I thinned the oil paint with Gamsol until it was runny like tea. I started by scrubbing in some darks before adding any other colors.  I did each one separately and only used what colors were left on my palette. I let them dry upright so the paint would drip as it dried.

I ended up with 5 interesting underpaintings that I will use for pastels. This morning I chose the middle underpainting and painted a wildflower meadow. If you enlarge the photo you can see some of the drips from the oil paint.  I am going to let each underpainting suggest a subject. It will be fun to see what develops!

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