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Saturday, December 01, 2012

How to keep up with Art when Under the Weather

'Vintage Treasures'     8x10     pastel    ©Karen Margulis
available on Daily Paintworks auction starting bid $50
 I've got the flu or at least a terrible cold. All I know is I've been miserable. Yesterday was my worst day so I thought of nothing but my bed. But today the meds have kicked in so I am feeling a bit more human but not up to painting.  I thought I'd share these Christmas paintings that I did last year. My friend Barbara Jaenicke recently painted ornament s with her classes and it reminded me that we did the same thing last December.

The idea was to capture the shine and sparkle of these beautiful vintage ornaments.  I have a nice collection of these ornaments that I have gathered from my thrift store treasure hunts.  As a side note, my sister and I sell Christmas ornaments in out ebay store and we are having a sale this week. Check it out if you like to collect ornaments! http://stores.ebay.com/Recycle-Sisters-Store?_trksid=p2047675.l2563

I will be painting more of these ornaments this month and will blog about tips for painting the shine. But for today I'd just like to share. These wet all done on Canson Mi-tientes paper.

'Beach Treasure'    8x10    pastel

"Treasures from my Past'     5x7   pastel
So how do you keep up with your art when you are sick?   You don't!  You have to give yourself permission to rest and give your body what it needs to get well.  I am a artist workaholic so it is hard for me but I know I can't push myself and I really don't have the energy anyway.  As you start to feel better there are some things you can do that maybe you don't take the time for.

  • Surf your favorite online art stores and fill your wish lists and shopping carts with needed or wanted supplies.
  • Catch up on your favorite art blogs and bookmark things that inspire you.
  • Sign up with Pinterest and follow your artist friend. There are many people posting wonderful art on Pinterest. It is a very inspiring place for artists and art lovers.You can follow me at www.pinterest.com/karenmargulis/
  • Take out some of those art books you've been meaning to read. I have shelves full of books and many I would love the time to reread them. Laying in bed is a good time for this!
  • Take out your calendar and plan your art events for the coming months. This kind of housecleaning often gets overlooked when you are busy.
  • Plan your next painting. Get your ideas together and when you are back on your feet you will be ready to paint!
Hopefully I will be back to the easel by tomorrow but I'll have to see. I am expecting a package from Blick today with a new pastel set so I may just have to drag myself to the table to try them out!


Sharon Whitley said...

Sorry you've been ill - Ive had the same problem this week and have spent two days in bed with a nasty cold and havent been up to painting - but I have been able to catch up with visiting blogs etc and looking at books and have been painting again tonight - the baubles are wonderful - I'm planning on doing some in watercolour as christmas cards

Karen said...

Thanks Sharon, Glad you are feeling better! These would be a wonderful subject for watercolor. have fun with them!

Donna T said...

Sending Get Well wishes your way, Karen! I can't imagine anything keeping you down for long :-)

Karen said...

Thanks Donna! I appreciate your good wishes! I can't be down long...to much to do!!!

Linda Nickles said...

Thanks for all the great tips. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Mariela said...

Get well soon... all the best!!!!