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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Finding Purpose in your Art...goal setting part 2

'New Beginnings'            11x14      pastel     ©Karen Margulis   $150 buy now
Craft, Creation and Career.  These are the three areas that Richard McKinley considers when setting New Year's goals.  In yesterday's post I talked about Craft and shared my goals for improving my art skills.  Today I am thinking about Creation.  I would like to quote Richard as he say's it best.  I would also encourage you to visit his blog and sign up for updates. It is a treasure!

 “Creation” encompasses the purpose behind why we paint. What it is that we hope to represent to others. This is the poetic aspect of being an artist. There is no right or wrong in creativity, just purpose. It takes introspection and is as individual as the artist. If you feel that you are lacking direction or purpose in your work, set time aside for quiet contemplation. Sow down. Take a breath while painting. It is akin to listening instead of talking. Being more present is a good goal in life as well as in painting."  Richard McKinley

'Marsh Greens'     8x10   pastel    $75
Wonderful advice!  Sometimes we get so caught up in painting and trying to meet deadlines that we forget to slow down and notice where we are going.  This is timely advice for me.  I have been going 100 miles an hour the last few years trying to keep up with daily paintings. I have not taken the time to see where my work was headed. What is my direction or purpose?

I had already decided that this year will be a year of 'Gathering'.  Last year I did a lot of experimenting with new media and new techniques.  This year I want to slow down and incorporate these new ideas into my work and work towards finding a direction for my work.  I am planning several trips that will give me downtime and a chance to reflect and gather reference material.  I will still keep up with the blog and daily painting but at a less frantic pace. I will take more breaths and step back more from the easel.  A year of gathering with no pressure to meet lofty goals....that is my goal!


Jo Castillo said...

Karen, good advice. Thanks for sharing your journey. It is always fun and a learning experience.

pattisjarrett said...

"A year of gathering with no pressure..." It sounds like you are on the right track. I look forward to following to see where it leads you.