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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Love Pastels? Here's a Great Way to Show it

'In My Box'          6x6          pastel    ©Karen Margulis
I try to be a Pastel Ambassador.  There are so many misconceptions about the medium. You've heard them. "Pastels aren't as good or valuable as oils"  "Pastel paintings are very fragile"  "Pastels are the same as chalk" "Pastels are pale colors"  Whenever I have the chance to talk about pastels or do a demo, I like to share all of the wonderful things about pastels.....

  • Pastels are made with the same pigments as oils and other paints....just made with a different binder. Simply put we are painting with dry sticks of pigment.
  • Treated properly pastels won't dade, crack or yellow and will remain as vibrant as the day they were painted.
  • Pastels do need to be framed under glass but they are a lot more resilient than many believe. You can't just blow a pastel painting off the paper.
  • Pastels come in hard and soft and in all shapes and sizes. Best of all they are made (many by hand) into the most brilliant and beautiful colors. They can be an addiction for the pastel artist!
Last week I had a thought....I need to design a sticker or button that will help me promote pastel as well as show my love of the medium.  So I came up with my 'Get Dusty' Collection. Here is the sticker.

I used a photo of my own pastels and designed the sticker at Zazzle. I just received my order and I am thrilled with the color and quality of the sticker and the button. I put a sticker on my Heilman Box and I'll put one on my car and on my suitcase. I put the little button on my painting apron.  If you share my love of pastels and 'Getting Dusty' these items are available in my Zazzle store.  I'll be adding more items to my Get Dusty collection. I am also working on stickers with some other art sayings.

A Get Dusty button or sticker is a great icebreaker and will open up the conversation about pastels. The perfect opening for a pastel ambassador to share the wonders of pastels!

Put your 'Get Dusty' sticker on your pastel box

Put your 'Get Dusty' button on your painting apron


Janine Aykens said...

I love the sticker! Any chance you'd be willing to make a widget available for us fellow "dusties" to put on our blogs? Linking to your blog, of course...not that I have many followers to offer for cross-traffic, but it would be neat. ;-)

Mariela said...

I really love this post and I'm going to your store cause I want these stickers or button badly...!!!
The truth is that my favorite medium is watercolor, but, with the Pastels project that I;m on right now I'm rediscovering all the possibilities of the medium and I'm trilled!!!

Karen said...

Thanks Janine! I'd love for you to link to the sticker. I think every 'Dusty needs one! I'm not sure how t make a widget but I can give you the html code that I used to show the sticker. You should be able to put it in an html box on the sidebar. I am going to try it right now.
hmmm that didn't work. Let me work on it!

Karen said...

Janine or anyone else that would like to link to the sticker, email me at kemstudios@yahoo.com and I can send you the code for your sidebar.

Beena said...

Would love it if you made a "get dusty" that I could put on my site and blog that linked back to you!

Karen said...

Thanks Beena! I would love that. I am working on it and will post it when I do. Thanks for asking!

Paula said...

I love it! How about a Get Dusty applique to put on my apron I use when I paint?