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Thursday, April 04, 2013

F is for Flowers...Painting them with Feeling

'Flower Fantasy'           9x12           pastel       ©Karen Margulis
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OK so my painting doesn't  look anything like my vase of sunflowers and roses. Let's say they inspired me and I invented much of the painting. But it was a very welcome change from painting from photos.  I learned a lot about the flowers from having them right in front of me. I saw better color. I saw interesting little details that are often lost in photos. I saw them in 3-D.  I could touch them and smell them.

But the most wonderful thing happened.  Because I didn't have a photo to guide me or influence me (or copy)....I was able to get into a zone and paint what I felt and not just try to copy a photo.

Paint for the Pure Joy of Painting

I started with a loose sketch. I decided to focus on the flowers and the colors and shapes. I knew I wanted an interpretation of the flowers. So I eliminated the clutter of the background stuff. That is where the fun began. I allowed myself to play with colors and mark making. I even added some lines. I didn't try to create a masterpiece. Rather it was all about the painting process and having fun.

I won't lie....I didn't do a thumbnail or a color study. I didn't have a plan. I know I have been blogging about the importance of a plan.  But sometimes you just have to let it all go and just paint for the pure joy of it.  And it is during these moments that all of your hard work and study can come out without you even trying!


Preston said...

"...sometimes you just have to let it all go and just paint for the pure joy of it." So true!! This work emits Joy!

Karen said...

Thank you Preston! Sometimes I forget to share this but it is so important!!

Bharani Shivakumar said...

Nice read across all your posts. Very informative. Popped in from the A to Z challenge.