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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Painting on a Road Trip...Follow Along with Me!

'Desert Dreams'      24x36       pastel      ©Karen Margulis  
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The time has finally arrived.  After two years of planning and dreaming,  our road trip to the Southwest is here. Just a few more last minute packing before we leave on Sunday!  We are driving from Georgia to Albuquerque and will arrive in time for the opening of the IAPS juried exhibitions. After the IAPS convention we will be adventuring our way across the southwest for three weeks.  

We have some stops planned but nothing is  written in stone so we will see where we end up. Stops planned are:  Canyon de Chelly, Monument Valley, Capitol Reef National Park, Bryce Canyon, Zion Canyon, North Rim of the Grand Canyon and Sedona. Some places I have visited and some will be new and I am excited to experience it all!

I invite you to follow our adventure. Starting on Sunday I plan to post a daily trip report with photos and my daily 'Painting from the Road'

Take a look at my Road Trip painting set up.

I converted a binocular case into a travel pastel box. I will be keeping each daily painting in between the papers in this sketchbook. I made the cover.  I have stocked the book with 5x7 pastel papers. When I am finished with a painting I will put it back and I can use the sketch paper page to write the date and notes about the painting location.

I am planning on offering each daily Painting from the Road for sale by auction on Daily Paintworks. I am excited about this project and hope that you plan on following along with us and see what I choose to paint each day of the trip!


Paula Campbell said...

Can't wait to see your paintings! Have fun.

Karen said...

Thanks Paula!!

MarilynW said...

I am so going to wish I had not cancelled my trip when I see your paintings. Have a great time.

Anonymous said...

This painting looks like a photograph--only life-size! Looking forward to following your trip. Love your sketchbook!

Observe Closely said...

Exciting trip! Excellent itinerary. I love that part of the country. Some of your stops are the BEST places on earth. I look forward to your progress and seeing the paintings. DRIVE CAREFULLY!!!

Observe Closely said...

PS --- Don't miss the Buffalo Bistro, in Glendale UT, just east of Zion. Enjoy wild boar bbq ribs. YUM.

Karen said...

Thanks everyone!! It will be great to have you all along! And thanks for the tip about Buffalo Bistro. We'll have to check it out!