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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Studio Tip: A Great Use for Pill Containers

'My Dream Garden'            5x7        pastel        ©Karen Margulis sold
I love boxes, bags and containers.  I am always looking at them trying to find ways to use them for my art.  The other day I was on a thrift store binge and came across the cutest little pill case. It was bright orange faux croc and had a plastic pill carrier that fit inside. It even zipped close!  Best of all it was only 77 cents.  I had to have it even though I didn't need it for pills.

I kept on shopping.  A few aisles later it came to me.....I could make it into a travel watercolor set!!!  It was the perfect size. I went home and filled the 8 wells with tube watercolor paint. I put in my favorite colors of Daniel Smith and Schminke watercolors. It took a few days for the paint to dry but now all I need to do is wet the wells when I am ready to paint. I am thrilled with my little set.  

I even picked up a small black pouch that will fit the paints, a few brushes, a spritz bottle and colapsable cup for a truly portable watercolor set! 

I don't do watercolor paintings but I often use them for underpaintings for my pastels as I did in today's painting.

Monday I am attending a 3 day workshop with Elizabeth Mowry. I will do my best to post and I am hoping to review my time at the workshop so stand by!


Susan Jenkins said...

Love it!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful artistic ideas!!

Anonymous said...

I love your Dream Garden. One more reason I need to wander through the thrift store. ;)

Victorina said...

This is cool!