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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Good Tip For Naming a Painting

'Listen to the Music of the Marsh'                8x10          pastel         ©Karen Margulis SOLD

I think I'm going to like this series.  I was asked how many painting will I plan to do in this series of Pawleys Island paintings.  Well I printed out 24 photos so why not 24!  I have a variety of things to paint from marshes to the beach to the birds and some wonderful sunsets. I think it will keep my interest.

The problem always is what to name the painting?  I could spend way too much time deciding on a name. I really enjoy trying to find the perfect most meaningful name.  But I usually don't have time so I settle on something not so inspired like 'Morning Marsh' or 'Afternoon Marsh'.  Then I run into trouble when I am not paying attention and use the name again. How many 'Afternoon Marshes' can one artist have!

So I have an idea for naming the paintings in this series. I have two books on my shelf on the Lowcountry. I decided to flip through the book and pull out phrases or words that fit the subject I am painting. I started writing them down on a piece of scrap paper and then I realized that I would lose it. So I started a mini notebook that I can leave out on my desk.

Now when I come across some words or phrases that might make a good painting title....I'll have a handy place to write them down.  It is really a lot of fun to read a paragraph written about your subject and find ways to extract and put together words that make the perfect title.  This is a fun way to use your downtime yet still be productive!


sheila johnston said...

Hi Karen:

Yesterday I received a note attached to my regular email from you saying that I was being unsubscribed- have you heard from anyone else about this?

Please do unsubscribe me. I enjoy your blog/emails very much. My medium of choice is watercolour, but I am slowly learning how to the enhance it with pastel.

Sheila Johnston

Karen said...

Hi Shelia, I havent unsubscribed anyone! Last week Mailchimp posted on my blog about being unsubscribed but I thought it was fixed! I'm sorry for the confusion! I really don't know why that notice is going out.

Rebecca Prough said...

I love this tip Karen - Thanks!

Lynn Norton said...

Great idea. I really struggle with names for paintings and usually don't give enough time to it - leaving it until just before an exhibition before coming up with something (which usually means boring!) Having a notebook with interesting phrases/words is great and I should start working on it as of now, so I'm not caught out next time! By the way - I was "unsubscribed" as well, but luckily managed to get you back again, as I love seeing your work....