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Monday, July 15, 2013

My Review of the Guerrilla Painter 5x7 Pocket Box Plein Air Kit

'Summer in the Mountains'             5x7         oil on panel       ©Karen Margulis
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 It's Christmas in July!  Well at least it is for me. I finally got to try out my Christmas present to myself....a Guerrilla Painter 5x7 Pocket Box!  It sat on my shelf since I bought it for Christmas with good intentions to paint more often with oils. Time just got away from me. I came across the box when cleaning my studio and decided it was time to make time!

I took the box up to the mountains for the weekend and now I don't want to put it down!  It worked out perfectly for me. I got the whole set up from Judsons Art Outfitters. They had a great Black Friday special that included everything but the paint....even a carry bag for the box. I could technically just take this little bag with me but I decided to put in into a larger messenger bag with room for my panel carrier. I didn't need to do that so from now on it will just be this little 5x7 box!  Here is the link to the box with more information  http://www.judsonsart.com/pleinair/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=2106&idcategory=95  Let me give you a tour!

The box is meant to be used on your lap or tabletop or it has a hole on the bottom for your thumb if you wish to hold it. It is lightweight only weighing in at 2.2 pounds. It holds only 5x7 panels (perfect for me) and you can store 3 panels in the holder.The wooden palette slides out hiding the storage underneath. I an working with a limited palette and bought small tubes so I got 5 tubes of paint in easily. The box came with a brush washer and palette cup  which also fit in the storage area.

My kit came with the palette extension which flips out and holds 5 brushes and provides additional mixing area. It flips back and can cover your paint.  The angle of the lid is adjustable and the closes down tightly with a leather strap. My kit also came with 4 mini brushes which I used for this painting. I love mini stuff!

I found that I had plenty of room to mix my paint. Of course I am using a limited palette but I didn't feel at all limited!

I really enjoyed using this box. It had everything I needed for a quick painting and I think it will be ideal to take with me on my plein air outings. I usually paint small quick studies so as long as I can find a place to sit or put the box down I will be in great shape.  The carry bag has a shoulder strap and a bice inside pocket for extra panels or other small things.


Nancy L. Vance said...

Hi Karen, I have a pocket box too! I used it a couple times for oils, but it seemed to sit on the shelf, so a couple weeks ago, I set it up for a mini pastel box! Here is a link to my blog where I show how I used it: http://nartizt.blogspot.com/2013/06/saturday-plein-air-palmos-land.html
And to top it off, I got to meet Carl Judson in person shortly after and showed him how I used it for pastels!
He likes to see how people make his products personal.

Karen said...

That is so awesome Nancy! Everyone needs to check out the links! I was actually thinking of converting it to pastels until I found my binocular case set up. I really do want to get better at oils so I need to practice and I was hoping this would do the trick!

angela j simpson said...

That's neat box - and oh so clean! I've been using a Jullian thumb box which takes 6 x 8's. I plan to do a review shortly, so I'll try to work out how to do a pingback to your review! Like your's too Nancy.

Dr. Joseph Baugh said...

Hi Karen,

My girlfriend, Cyd Engel, has several Judson's boxes, but set up her pocket box for pastels. I use a mini-pochade box from Judson's since I like to have an abundant palette of acrylics available as I never know which whimsey will strike me when we am out and about on my plein aire adventures. We take our boxes everywhere and will be carrying the pocket box on our fall trip to Italy this year. We are so looking forward to that trip and hope to capture the feel of the Cinque Terre and the Tuscany countryside.

Joseph Baugh

Karen said...

Hi Joseph, Thanks for your comment. I may just have to get another box and dedicate it to pastels! I hope you have a wonderful trip to Italy!