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Friday, August 16, 2013

A Shortcut to Mixed Media

'Marsh Impressions I'          3.5 x 5.5     mixed media on wood       ©Karen Margulis
the set of three are available in my Etsy shop $125
I love thrift stores!  A few weeks ago I found these small wood plaques for 77 cents each. They had some paper collage work on them. I wasn't interested in the collages. They weren't really my taste. But I did see the possibilities! And the price was right.

So a few weeks ago when I had my acrylics out I painted over the collages. I had no idea what I would do with them but I figured out something would come to me when the time was right.  The edges were black so I left them alone.

Then it came to me. These little pieces of wood with the now textured surface wanted to be a marsh series.  So I took out my oils and painted these three variations on a marsh.

My Mixed Media shortcut paintings

I really like the way the texture of the original paper collage adds interest to the paintings. I consider this mixed media but the first step was already done for me.  What made it so fun is that I knew I didn't have a lot invested in the surface so it was very liberating to just play with the oils and see what developed.

I have another big (ugly) thrift store painting on nice heavy duty gallery wrapped canvas 36x36 that is just waiting to be recycled. Stay tuned!!

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