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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Latest Studio Find: Bandit Bungee Bands

'Sweet Summer Stay With Me'           8x10           pastel         ©Karen Margulis
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 I have a thing for containers and boxes. I can't pass up a good box.  I have a collection of cigar boxes that I repurposed into pastel boxes. The problem with cigar boxes are the latches. They are wimpy. I know I can buy hardware and redo the latch but when I travel with theses boxes I feel better with some rubber bands  around them. Just for extra security. But these stretch out and eventually snap.

I found something very cool that I thought would do the job and I discovered they had many more uses.

They are called BANDITS Bungee Bands with hooks.  Really they are just nicely designed thin bungee cords with a great plastic hook.  Bungee cords are great. They are useful for so many of our art needs. Especially for plein air needs. But I think regular bungees from the hardware store can be ugly and often too thick. And the metal hook can scratch and catch on things.

These bungee bands are much more appealing. And they are smaller so they can be used for anything you need to hold together or hook. I bought a 10 pack with a selection of small, medium and large in my favorite colors of purple and lime green.  I found two uses for them right away.

I will use the large bands to hold together some of my cigar boxes and I used a small one to band together some paint brushes. They will also be a great plein air accessory. You never know when you need to tie things down or hold things together.   I'm sure all of you resourceful readers can think of other ways we can use these bandits!  Comment and share!!

By the way I found them in Target in the school supply section.

Today's painting :  8x10 pastel on Uart paper with Terry Ludwig pastels.


chris said...

I too had an issue with a recently reno'ed box, with wimpy clasps. first time out one got hooked on my shirt, coulda been a mess! but I used old style window closers. the kind that are half moon style on double hung style windows. no way is it getting hooked enough to fly open, and they were easy to install. works super!. I very much like today's painting, feels 'breezy'.

Deb Austin said...

I use double sided Velcro to wrap around each of my cigar boxes.