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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Why a Messy Studio is a Good Sign

'Where the Kingfisher Goes'     6x6        pastel  plein air    ©Karen Margulis

Sometimes you just have to make a mess. When I am on a creative tear I don't have time to stop and make everything tidy in my studio. I just need to keep on painting.  A messy studio is usually  a sign of an artist at work.

Sometimes we spend too much time worrying about keeping our studios neat and organized. I have to remind myself that my studio is a working space. It is not a gallery. I can have my supplies handy and work all over the walls. Sometimes we clean the studio instead of avoidance tactic maybe?

 If I didn't have students coming to my studio I would have paintings in progress on every easel and tables piled with books, projects and supplies.  The piles would build as I worked oblivious to the mess.....until it eventually drove me crazy. Or until I needed to tidy up for visitors!

The time has come to clean the studio! 

Heidi checks out the mess in the studio

My studio will be a part of the ART MOB OPEN STUDIO TOUR the weekend of November 15,16 and 17th.  I am excited to be a part of the tour and can't wait to share my studio and work.  In addition to being able to view my space and a great selection of my work, I am planning some fun activities for my visitors. Click here for details of the tour.

  • On Friday November 15 at 7:00 I will be doing a large pastel demo in my studio. I rarely paint large so this promises to be a lot of fun!

  • On Saturday and Sunday Nov 16th and 17th,  I will be doing mini demos scheduled throughout the day. Want to try pastel? My studio will be the place! I will have a pastel station set up. Come and create your own little pastel gem!

In addition I will have both originals and some prints available in all price ranges.  

I will be cleaning the studio for the tour.....but I will make sure that I keep true to the idea that this is a tour of my working studio complete with a  peek at the creative piles of stuff!

(by the way the photo of the piles of boxes looks scary and you may be wondering why I have so many empty boxes.  My sister and I have an ebay shop and we need boxes for shipping. Somehow we accumulated more than we need so it was time to purge)


David King said...

Wow, I wish I could visit your studio, I'm sure that would be lots of fun, 2000 miles is a long drive though. I agree, a messy studio can be a good thing, a sign of creative activity, however mine is so small I need to maintain a certain measure of tidyness at all times or I'll soon lose track of everything.

robertsloan2art said...

Wish I could go! That sounds like so much fun.

I had to laugh when I saw the pile of boxes. They accumulate! Every time I order supplies online I wind up with good sturdy storage or shipping boxes.

I just cleared my rather smaller pile out last week, sorted and nested them. Stuck them in the closet after I got out everything that I wanted that was trapped in there by the giant pile of empty boxes. Once in a while they have to get pruned!

Even more economical if you sell on eBay and need to do a lot of shipping.