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Monday, November 11, 2013

Prints or Originals? My Thoughts on Offering Prints

'SerenityI'            18x24           pastel        ©Karen Margulis
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 Do you sell prints of your work?  This a common question asked of artists. One that we need to address at some point in our career.  I have no problem offering high quality prints of my work.  If I can reach someone with my art and touch them somehow.... I would hate for them not to be able to enjoy it because they can't afford an original.

However, I don't really want to get involved with having prints made. I would need to be certain they were high quality and truly represent my work. I would rather spend my time creating new work than dealing with the expense and trouble of having quality prints made.

There are many options for artists to offer prints made on demand. This is a good choice if you can be sure of the quality. You can even have your work reproduced on mugs, tshirts and all kinds of items. I have tried both print on demand and other reproduction websites. I always order a product myself to test the quality.

Another option is to have your work represented by a company that offers prints to the trade. I enjoy working with the company that represents my work. They choose or commission the work and take care of the high quality scanning. I am also provided with copies of the print so I can be sure of the quality....which is excellent.

Prints available of 'Serenity I'    22x28
I would love to hear your thoughts on selling prints. Feel free to comment and share your experiences.
I also found a great resource for fining places to sell your work online both prints and originals:



Good quality prints are a wonderful way to get your work into the homes of folks who might not otherwise be able to afford original art.
As you say - the key is to work with a quality shop.
The other good marketing tool is to embellish the prints with actual strokes of the brush or pastel - this gives it a more realistic feeling of it being a "real" painting

Anonymous said...

I have scanned some of my work by the local camera store and then they print it using higher quality paper. Are there other ideas for where to get work scanned and printed? I have no idea where to look.
I would also love to have some ideas on pricing prints versus original artwork.