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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Chicago Daily Painting...Sledding in Lincoln Park

'Winter Magic'. 5 x 7. Pastel

I didn't go sledding today. But I did get some good photos on our walk around Roscoe Village this morning. In the afternoon we had an errand to run so I took up my position in the back seat of the car for some drive by shooting. I got some great shots! Every artist who uses reference photos should practice drive by shooting!

What is drive by shooting? It is taking pictures from a moving vehicle . I have gotten quite adept at getting great reference photos from a car....even at 70 mph! You probably won't get prize winning photos. They may even be blurry or have poles and other unwanted things in them. But they will work for reference photos. They will give you reminders of colors and shapes and mood. They capture the moment.

If I waited until I could stop or go back for the perfect shot I may never get it. I take what I can and let my memory fill in the details. That's what I did for today's painting. We drove by a sledding hill in Lincoln Park. I managed to get a quick shot of the children on their way back up the hill. It was a quick moment in time captured forever by a drive by shot and now my painting.



Cynthia Barker said...

Love this!

Lorraine said...

Karen, I love your winter paintings! I live in a winter city and you have captured the cold and the beauty perfectly. I also get the drive-by thing! A series (Highway 39) I did last year is based on dozens of photos taken from the passenger seat as we barrelled down the highway.

pattisj said...

I guess I shouldn't have deleted those blurry drive-by shots! Love this moment you captured.