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Monday, January 13, 2014

Planning a Painting Series with Studies

'The Pier'         2.5 x 3.5         pastel            ©Karen Margulis
Class start tomorrow. I can't wait. I am excited about this session of pastel classes because we will all be working on a series. We will all choose a subject or theme and each week's painting will be based on our theme.  There is a lot to learn from working in a series and I will share some of them on the blog this week.

How do you choose a theme or subject?  I will encourage my students to choose something they are passionate about. It may take some thought and soul searching but it will be worth it. One of the ways I choose subjects for a potential series is by looking through the plein air studies I do on a trip.  I love painting small studies.....especially the quick 2.5x3.5 studies.  These often best capture how I feel about a place. They make excellent inspiration for a series of larger paintings.

'Sunrise'            2.5 x 3.5          pastel 
The three mini pastels in this post were all painted on my recent trip to Florida. They are all from a morning walk on Deerfield Beach. These studies along with the photos I took will make a great series of paintings. They will all have the common thread of 'a morning at the beach'.

'Shorebird'            2.5 x 3.5          pastel 
What are you passionate about?  What subject would you like to explore with a series of paintings?  Why not create some small studies to firm up your ideas!

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