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Monday, January 20, 2014

Winter Warm Up....Painting Sand or Snow?

'Take Me There'                9x12               pastel            ©Karen Margulis

I had a chill in my bones today. Maybe it was the snow painting I was working on. Maybe it was just cold in my studio.  But I needed something to get me warm.  I surfed some cruise websites during lunch and that helped.  But it also made me want to paint some Caribbean sunshine.  I dug out my cruise photos and chose this one from Magen's Bay, one of my favorite beaches on St. Thomas USVI  (only very early in the day before it gets too crowded)

I was lazy to put away my snow palette of pastels from my morning session,  but looking at them I realized they would work just as well for this beach painting.  All I would have to add were the greens in the tree.

I discovered that painting white sand is a lot like painting snow. 

The blues and violets I used for winter skies and snow shadows can be used for the Caribbean sky and sea.  I used the same warm red underpainting that I used in my sunny snow painting. It worked in both paintings to give that warm glow.  I did use a brighter light (almost white) in my snow but that was the biggest difference.

Putting the painting in the magic frame to see if it is finished
On the subject of Caribbean Cruises, I am working on an idea for an Art Cruise most likely next Winter. I have been reading about other Art Cruises and there are a lot of variations. Some are intensive daily workshops, some are more like retreats with optional instruction and sight seeing. Most seem to be at least 7 nights.  I have some ideas but would love your input!

So here is my poll....I welcome your responses to help me plan. I want your ideas!  No obligation, I am just wanting to see if there is any interest. You can respond in the comments or by sending me an email.

  • Would you be interested in a Caribbean Art Cruise with me?
  • How many nights?
  • Any particular Islands you would like to visit? Cruise line?
  • Would you like a structured daily plan or a more relaxed cruise with optional instruction?
  • Would you be interested in Plein air painting at the ports or just sightseeing?
  • Any other thoughts or ideas are most welcome!


Anthony said...

I love this piece! It reminds me of Edaward Hopper.

Carol Hopper said...

This is a charming painting which makes me want to go where there is sun and sand. I am about cruised out though!

robertsloan2art said...

Beautiful painting. I love the way your cruise continues to inspire you! I wish you luck with organizing a cruise class.

I'd love to go on something like that once I have the money for it. Go with what those who do have the money would like for its structure and also work it out so that you have the best time and most painting time in it!

I think that if you set it up to be fun to teach the whole group will become very immersive. Loose approach or tight is something you know from your other classes what works well with your teaching style.

Maybe some combination of structured classes and free time. I would suggest starting off each day with a class around breakfast time on a topic that's intense, will affect everything they do from then on, worth spending the whole day exploring its ramifications. The advantage of small class size is that you can teach each individual in it closer to their communication style and personal needs. Some need to hover over you and watch your hand do the strokes again and again in person. Others need their own hands-on but might be best served doing two dozen mini-paintings than a daily painting. So start the morning class with something as specific as possible and then elaborate on that theme through the day ,focus on it in your painting. If you do a good painting show all the stages of building up to its final version.

Something like "Choosing references" could be a morning topic. Or planning composition. Hope this helps!

Kendall Kessler said...

Lovely painting!

Sue Grilli said...

Karen- a painting cruise sounds fabulous. How about some watercolorists tagging along? My suggestions would be to break the time up. Not having a class every day so you can leave time to sightseeing and painting on your own. But doing some plein air painting in the ports would be great. Not sure about you but I do a lot of sketchbook work so I love travel painting. Let me know if you plan this.

Karen said...

Thanks everyone for your responses and emails! I am excited by the possibilities of an art cruise so stay tuned! And Sue....all mediums will be welcome!