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Friday, April 18, 2014

A Useful Tip for Packing Plein Air Gear

'Afternoon at the Pond'              8x10           pastel          ©Karen Margulis
It's a work in progress.  My plein air set up undergoes adjustments every time I use it. I am always trying to come up with ways to streamline and manage my supplies.  I have already downsized my pastels by switching to the Gogh Box. This box is great but like any box or easel you choose you are still bound to have a lot of extra little things.  Things that you need!   Clips and rubberbands and tape. Sketchbook, business cards, underpainting supplies, wipes....the list goes on.

I needed a way to keep up with the extra stuff....I found the perfect answer...little stuff sacks.

My Gogh Box set up with my pastels

The box all packed and ready to travel
These little nylon drawstring bags are perfect to corral all of the little things I need. It makes packing my box or backpack easy. Best of all it makes set up quick and easy. Before I discovered these little bags I would have to find a place to keep the little things I needed. I wanted them handy but not in my way. I would have to unload them from the box....but had no where to put them! 
With the stuff sacks, not only is everything contained,  I can even hang the bags from my tripod while I paint so that they are in reach. The photos below show the supplies I am taking.

business cards, sketchbook, microfiber towel,mini bungees and rubber bands 

Bankers clips and bulldog clips needed to set up backing board and attach paper

underpainting supplies and extra rubberbands will stay in my backpack until needed
I will be taking this set up on my painting trip to Arizona next week. Having my supplies organized and contained and not lost in the bottom of my backpack will make painting much more enjoyable!

Today's painting is 8x10 on Multimedia Artboard panel. I began with a drawing with pastel pencil which I sealed with clear gesso. I then did a watercolor underpainting over the dry gesso before adding pastel.


Dottie H. said...

Great ideas! You are going to have such fun!
Have you ever talked about how to frame pastels without a mat? I see many are doing that now and wonder how you effectively keep the painting from touching the glass.

Anonymous said...

love this!

Karen said...

Thanks! I can't wait! I do frame without mats. You can either use spacers or put the painting directly up against the glass.I have done both with success. I need to blog about it!

Hélène said...

Very beautifull ! The water is so real !
Since you are talking about framing, I was wondering about "spacers" and how to use them.
Thank's !