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Friday, April 25, 2014

Painting Arizona Day 2 ...Cactus Heaven!


I'm in Cactus Heaven! I love the desert landscape and we have been painting in some pretty awesome locations. On day 2 we got moving early and headed to Superstition Mountain. We set up at Lost Dutchman State Park. I made the picnic pavilion home base and had plenty of painting options in the comfort of the shade. I painted 6 small studies including this Saguaro Cactus.

Here is my pastel set up. The Gogh Box is working great. And I love the extension trays I rigged. My wipe pouch is fantastic! This set up makes Plein air so enjoyable.

After a delicious burger at the Lost Dutchman Mining Company we stopped at Goldfield Mining Ghost Town. We were thinking it might be interesting to paint but we ran out of time. It was the perfect spot to get up close and personal to some huge saguaros. I took some photos. I love my camera! Here is my favorite shot. This bird is taking off after a drink from the flower.

Tonight we will be painting the sunset!




Anonymous said...

You commented you love your camera. What features make it special for you? What kind is it & model?

Karen said...

I have a canon sx40 hs. I love it because it is a point and shoot with a 35x optical zoom which allows me to get up close and personal!

Carole Scureman said...

Looks fantastic. I love Arizona...lived south of there for a few years. Your painting looks beautiful. Sounds like you are having a great time. Enjoy!

Hélène said...

Lucky you !
We still have snow here in Quebec.

Enjoy !


PemaWangmoGilman said...

I know you posted about the "wipe pouch" before but I can't find it. Please pray tell...What is the brand name? so few I find on line have the loop for hanging.

Sea Dean said...

As always Karen, a great post. I love the jumping bird. If you ever feel like going walkabout to the north I would be happy to arrange a class situation in the Okanagan B.C. We have an active gallery and it's a beautiful area to visit and paint in.

Karen said...

Thank you every one! Sea, I'd love to!!!