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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Taking Time to Cut Paper...The Key to Being a Better Artist

'Searching for Beauty'            5x7       plein air pastel         ©Karen Margulis
available for purchase $50
 The desert is calling me.  I must listen and go.  It is time to cut paper.  If I want to be the best artist possible I need to put everything aside and travel. It is my paper cutting time.  I have been reading similar advice lately and a recent article by Jack White on sharpening one's axe really resonated with me.  The article was about the importance of taking time out to smell the roses or do whatever you need to to recharge...or sharpen your axe.  If you are constantly working without a break, you may get a lot done but the axe will be dull. How much easier it would be with a sharper axe. (read Jack White's post here)

So for me I remind myself to take a break every once in awhile and just cut paper or go for a walk, throw the ball to Heidi....little things to get up from the easel or computer.  Every once in awhile I need a bit more....a change of scenery. I need to travel. New sights, smells, sounds....something to refresh my spirit.  I may paint like a madwoman on a trip but it is different. It is all new.

I am fortunate to have many special artist friends. They love to travel as much as I do. I will be visiting one such friend in Arizona along with two other artist friends. I can't wait.  We will be doing a lot of axe sharpening and paper cutting!

My Southwest Inspiration Book

 I made a little inspiration book for the trip. I have pasted in pictures of SW art that inspires me along with some thoughts. There is plenty of room for notes and sketches.  I'll share more about the book after the trip. I do plan on blogging from the road if internet and ipad cooperate.


Nelia Harper said...

What a clever idea to make an inspiration journal. I suppose I could even create one on evernote...Perfect for travel and reminders of what I want to paint, the colors I will need and a place to capture the beauty and joy of travel. I love it.

Pierre Meurice said...

Indeed, sometimes time to rest is helping… thanks for sharing your advices! (also love your pastels).