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Saturday, May 03, 2014

A Quick and Easy way to Create a Slide Show

'Color in the DesertII'           5x7          pastel        ©Karen Margulis
I had forgotten how easy it was. I was trying to come up with a good way to share all of the plein air paintings I did in Arizona.  A Facebook photo album works fine but not everyone is on Facebook.  Then I remembered YouTube and their slideshow  feature.

All you need is a YouTube account. When you are ready to create your slide show simply click on the upload button and you are given several choices including a photo slideshow. Just click on the 'create' button and upload your photos.  You can even choose music to accompany your slideshow. There are options for transitions and even some advanced editing options. I am all about keeping it simple so I went with the default selections!

Here is my photo slideshow of my trip paintings:

Next time you are looking for a way to share your work or photos give YouTube a try. You can keep it private or share it with the world with most social media sharing links!  Have fun!

Today's paintings are my interpretation of the wildflowers I found in the desert. These little spots os subtle color drew me in. I loved the textures of the desert!

'Desert Wildflowers II'      5x5       pastel 


Sandi G said...

Hi Karen , thanks for the tip .I created video of my paintings can't figure out how to imbed in my blog.Sandi

Karen said...

You need to choose the 'embed' link and copy it. Now go to your blog and choose the html option. Find where you want the slideshow to appear then click and pastel the code. Test by going back to the text option! Sounds more complicated than it really is!

Kerry H. said...

Wonderful post, wonderful paintings and a very enjoyable slide show. Can you share with us the name of the beautiful music and artist you used as accompaniment? It was a perfect choice and I'd love to have it on my ipod. Kerry H.

Karen said...

Thanks Kerry. It's 'Walking in between two worlds' by Eric Tingsdale.

Sandi Graham said...

Thanks for the explanation for downloading the video slide show . It worked and I was able to embed the link to my blog Pastelpaintercooks.blogspot.com.