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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Get People Talking about your Paintings

'Simple Pleasures'         5x7        pastel
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It's time to put on our business hat. Artists wear many hats and as much as we might prefer to stay in the studio and paint, sometimes we have to tend to the business side of things. One of those things is marketing....we need to promote ourselves and our work if we want to sell or get noticed.  That is often a tough thing to do. It is hard to put ourselves out there and say "Look at me and my great paintings!"

It helps to have an Icebreaker and I have a great one for you!

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A fabulous business card holder that is sure to spark interest and conversations about your work. It is called The ShowCase and it is only $10.99.  It is sold by Moo.com which is where I get my business cards. Moo does a fantastic job with my cards. I've reviewed my experience HERE.  Once you have your wonderful cards with 50 different images.....you need a good way to share them.

The ShowCase card holder is perfect.  It holds up to 15 business cards. You open it up by flipping the lid and fanning it out like a deck of cards. Now when you are sharing business cards you are able to show a variety of your images.  People love having a choice and it always sparks conversation. They want to pick their favorite image.

The bonus for you is that you are showing off more of your work and the ice has been broken. The little card holder has done that for you now it is easy to talk about what you do.

Here is the card holder in action. That is my dog Heidi in the background.

Here is a little blurb and link  from the Moo.com website about the cards.

Business Cards should always be something special. Less a method of handing out your phone number, more a way of starting a conversation. They're an introduction to you, your company and your work. A good business card should intrigue people, get them interested, invite them to ask you more.

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Judy Baker said...

You have the best ideas, and I'm so appreciative that you are willing to share them! Your blog is a highlight each day that look forward to. Thanks so much for your giving spirit!