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Sunday, June 01, 2014

The Benefits of a Change of Scenery

'Sail Away'              5x7             pastel         ©Karen Margulis
 It's time for a fill up!  I read some great advice recently. Sometimes we just need to let go of all of the pressures we put on ourselves and just take time to fill up. Maybe it's an artist block. Maybe we are unsure of our direction. Maybe we are not feeling particularly inspired. Maybe we are feeling empty.
It is OK to take a break and allow ourselves time to refresh and renew.

I am not empty nor uninspired. I have the opposite problem...my head tends to spin and spin with ideas.  My idea of a fill up break is to get out on the ocean and just relax! That is what renews me and fills me up. It's the change of scenery and the change of routine.  It is having no technology or just very limited internet time. It allows me to relax, read and paint for pleasure and allow those kernels of ideas to gel.

So when my sister planned a last minute family cruise to celebrate my nephew's graduation from college, I was on board! I have some posts lined up for the time I am away and if the internet is fast enough I will post them. Otherwise I will be back in a week....refreshed and refilled!

My stuff. I am getting much better at downsizing my gear!
We all can benefit from a change in scenery even if it is just a local trip to the park. Be a tourist in your own town and have a play day to refill!


Angela said...

I LOVE this!


You will have a wonderful time. I am in both the categories you mentioned: putting pressure on myself (though much, much less than in the past) and having my mind very full of painting ideas. I travel too, with two very important painting trips this year.