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Monday, May 19, 2014

How to Paint the Beach...New Pastel Demo PDF

'Tropical Dreams'           8x10          pastel           ©Karen Margulis
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It was 17 degrees below zero when I saw the billboard. It was an ad for a Caribbean cruise.  Now this was a well placed billboard!  I could definitely see the allure of a Caribbean beach. After this harsh winter many of us are having dreams of spending some time by the sea.

It is time to paint the beach!  Even if you don't have a beach trip in your future (or maybe you are fortunate to live by the water) learning techniques for painting the sea and sand and sky can come in handy. You can even apply these ideas to painting other landscapes that include these elements.

I like the challenge of painting a seascape or beach scene because it has it all....water, sky, sand and foliage. Now that is a landscape challenge!  I decided to take the challenge for my next downloadable demo/lesson. I am releasing it just in time for late spring and summer vacations.

screen shot of my latest demo download

The latest demo is available in pdf format so you can view it on a computer or tablet or print it out and make a booklet.  This demo has 44 full color photos of each step of my painting and 23 pages which include text on each step. These demos are what I would share if I was painting in front of you with even more information because I can take my time and write down all the details of each step. For this painting I have used a Dry Underpainting technique. I share tips on painting clouds, sky, sand and foliage. 

The demo is available in my Etsy shop . Click here for details.  I have 8 demos available and they can all be viewed in my etsy shop here. 

A few sample photos of my painting in progress

1 comment:

Beverly Sams said...

Karen, I'm so glad you're doing these demo/tutorials! I have been painting in oils for quite some time, but have never tried pastels. When I come across your work, it inspired me to want to try pastels and you have made it much less intimidating! Thanks so much for posting so much great information and your paintings are simply gorgeous~