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Friday, May 23, 2014

Try This After Taking an Art Workshop...Word Clouds

'Under a Big Sky'              10x13            pastel              ©Karen Margulis
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It makes good sense.  You have gone through the time and expense of taking a painting workshop. There is something you need to do before you slip back into the real world. The truth of the matter is the workshop isn't over....your work has just begun.  Even if it was a challenge or frustrating or didn't seem helpful there will be information that will resonate sometimes even years later.  Taking time to organize your notes while it is fresh will help cement the lessons you have learned.

I have a great idea to try after a workshop....Make a WORD CLOUD with your notes. Here is my word cloud from the Liz Haywood-Sullivan workshop.

A Word Cloud is a great way to summarize your notes and experiences from the workshop. I can look at my word cloud and the words will remind me of something that was said or made an impression on me during the workshop.

I made the word cloud by going through my notes and handouts and writing down any word that stood out and summarized a portion of my notes. This exercise helped me review my notes. Too often I get home from a workshop and get busy with other things. I always intend to reread my notes but sometimes it doesn't happen.  Making a word cloud was a quick and easy way to review the workshop before life got in the way! I plan to go back through my other workshop notes and make word clouds for each of them.

Of course I had to have a fancy word cloud so I googled word clouds and found several websites that allow you to make one. I used WordItOut to make my cloud. To save it and post it I simply took a screen shot and saved it in my photos.

If you's like to play with Word Clouds here is a link to 9 word cloud generators. Have fun!


Sue Grilli said...

Karen- what a fun and fabulous idea- love it! and the painting too of course!

Marilyn Kleinhans said...

What a great idea. I also took the workshop with Liz (highly recommend it for ANYONE!!! It pulled together some connections in my brain). I was just reviewing my notes, and it's interesting the difference in the words you and I have chosen. Hooray for variety!

Bonnie said...

Thank you so much for sharing this idea! I have notes saved from my favorite classes and will use this to refresh my memory. Thank you also for sharing your work and process. I'm not a pastel artist but I learn so much from you!