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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Three Reasons to Try a Plein Air Paint-Out

'September Meadow'               6x6         plein air   pastel   ©Karen Margulis

I can't think of a better way to spend a weekend. I came home relaxed, renewed and inspired. I participated in a plein air painting event in Blue Ridge Georgia this weekend. The was my 4th year participating and it was the largest turnout of artists yet. There were 45 artists participating and over 70 paintings turned in for the exhibition and awards.  We painted in beautiful locations from Thursday to Sunday and turned in our framed paintings on Sunday afternoon. Participating in the paint out was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it to artists of all levels. Here is why:

1. Relaxation: Yes I go to a paint-out to relax! It is an opportunity for me to get outside to paint. I find painting to be the most relaxing activity so to combine it with the Great Outdoors is the perfect combination. I am not stressed or concerned with the competition aspect of a paint-out. I like the excuse to be able to paint all weekend with nothing else on the to-do list.

2. Renewal: A plein air event is the perfect opportunity to meet up with like-minded people....other artists who love to paint. We are fortunate that we have a great network of artists in our area. No matter what the medium or level of experience, everyone is welcome. I have met some wonderful friends and spending time painting with them and catching up is a welcome change from the solitary time spent in the studio.

3. Inspiration: I come away from a plein air event inspired. How can you not be inspired by seeing 70 paintings created in the space of 3 days!  Oil, watercolor, pastel and acrylic....so many different approaches and interpretations. It is so much fun to see.  I also leave a plein air event with a heightened sensitivity....I notice more than usual. I have fine tuned my eye from having painted for 3 days outside....and that experience will continue to help my work!

The 3 paintings I turned in for the exhibition

Painting Notes:  The painting in today's post was one of the plein air pieces that I did. It is 6x6  pastel on Somerset paper with clear gesso.

1 comment:

robertsloan2art said...

I love this. Great experience, wish I was there able to do it. Today's little painting is gorgeous. I'm amazed at how every speck matters in some of these, the motion in the tossing goldenrod heads is wonderful.

Though I did get tempted to subtitle it "Pollen Season." Wow that's a great field of goldenrod. I'm lucky not to be allergic to nature, only to mold and dust.