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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Why Painting is Like Planning a Good Party....part one

'Red Rocks Rediscovered'             8x10              pastel             ©Karen Margulis
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A lot of thought goes into planning a good party. Where to have it, what to serve and most importantly, who to invite!  A painting is like that too. Lots of thought is needed for a successful outcome. Sure we can wing it....but having certain things under control makes it more enjoyable....both a party and a painting! 

When planning a painting I begin with the design. How will I compose my scene? What are my big shapes and how will I arrange them. Next I concentrate on the values of each shape. What is dark? Light? Medium?  And finally I worry about color. That is where the party planning really starts.

What colors should I invite to my Party?

the original plein air painting done at the first Plein Air Convention
 I will tell you my answer in tomorrow's post. But here is a clue and something to think about. Tomorrow I will introduce you to my friends...Mr. Red and Ms. Gray.  Have a look at the paintings on this page. The original was a plein air painting that had issues. Try to guess what the issues were and see how I tried to resolve them in the painting at the top of the page.  Be sure to visit my blog tomorrow for my answer!

Meet my two friend Mr. Red and Ms Gray!

1 comment:

mifasola said...

There was no translucent quality and it appeared dead. The mountain in the distance didn't appear as such and was basically the same shape as the other. It is more interesting now