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Thursday, November 20, 2014

How Blogging Has Made Me a Better Painter

'Wildwood Days'              8x10             pastel             ©Karen Margulis
available for purchase $145
10 years ago I discovered pastels. It was instant love. But it wasn't instant gratification. My paintings did not match the visions in my head. I knew what I wanted them to look like but the results were far from my vision. I took on the challenge of getting better. I knew it would take a lot of work. I was motivated but was I disciplined enough?

Fortunately 10 years ago I also started blogging. It was the best thing I ever did for my art. Not only did it improve my paintings but the blog has given me so much more.

summer memories of a day at the beach

Working on my blog and creating posts became my best teacher. It was there to remind me to paint. If I didn't paint I would have nothing to post. The blog got me into the studio more frequently. The more I painted the closer my paintings came to matching the visions in my head. I was encouraged to paint even more. It became a cycle of painting and posting with each activity helping the other.

It was like being on a good diet and exercise program. When you see the pounds come off and you start feeling healthier you are encouraged to stick with it....and when it becomes a life changing habit there is no greater feeling in the world. My blog has done the same for me! Now if only I could stick with the exercise program!

8x10 pastel from July 2005
July was the 10th anniversary of my blog. I looked back at the very first painting I posted (above) and decided to paint it again. (top image) It was fun to revisit this subject after 10 years!

Blogging has the potential to help everyone no matter how big or small their art goals are. I encourage everyone to try a blog. I will be sharing my Low Cost, Low Tech and Low Maintenance approach to blogging in my 3 hour seminar at the next IAPS convention. If you are going to IAPS consider taking my seminar! Registration will be closing soon so be sure to register as soon as possible! Visit the IAPS website here to register


Julie Ford Oliver said...

I completely agree - it was the best gift I ever gave myself and my art. I encourage all the artists I know to blog, but am finding it does takes a special commitment to ones self...as you said, like a diet.
I think it was a wonderful idea to show the difference between your painting now and back 10 years.
You had talent and concept but the professional touch your work now shows could have only come from the "miles on the brush."
Great post!

Sandi Graham said...

I started a blog about a year and a half ago and I love blogging .i have painted in pastels for some twenty five years . I was painting when Canson was all the surface available. I'm always taking workshops and following other blogs , read books and articles.
Your blog is the very best out there and I have learned more following your blog than anything I've done in the years I've painted in pastels.
I paint every day love the medium so much .
I hope you can suggest some ways to increase the readership of blogs . best Sandi Graham

Susan E. J. White said...

Karen, I hope you will find a way to share your blog tips here for those off us not attending your class. I struggle with taking the time to photograph, write it out, and post versus spending time on the art work. Also, I know that a good setup and system or process would help but I haven't created one yet. Instead, I compose a lot of posts in my head and they go nowhere.

I really appreciate all that you share here. I have yet to actually put pastel to paper. I continue to read your posts and love your work. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see you revisit the same subject again 10 years later. What a huge leap forward! Inspired by your discipline.