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Monday, November 03, 2014

Painting My World Art Adventure: Pastel Workshop in Finland

'Dreams of Summers to Come'              9x12             pastel              ©Karen Margulis

I am taking my pastels on the road this summer! First New Mexico, then France with Stan Sperlak and the Painter's Passport group, then Sweden and Finland! When I started my blog in 2006 and named it 'Painting my World' I had no idea just how accurate the title would be. My world has expanded and I am excited to share my love of pastels wherever I can.

I have often said that pastel artists need to be Ambassadors for Pastels. There are still many people unaware or even misinformed about the medium of pastel. Many believe it is only for drawing or that pastels are like sidewalk chalks....cheap and pastel colored.  Many believe that pastel doesn't have deserve as much respect as oil. Wrong on all counts! (read this great article about pastels on the PSA website)

I love my job as Pastel Ambassador!  I am happy to spread the word about all of the wonderful qualities of the medium. It is an honor to pass on some of the tips and techniques that I have learned in my own workshops! I hope to have the opportunity to meet many of my blog readers as I travel!

Here is a flyer and website link for my Finland workshop. Information on all of my upcoming workshops can be found here on my blog. Click here for details. 

Painting note:  9x12 on Uart paper with an alcohol wash.


Tim Moore said...

love this painting..like the design!..where the plants hit the water, the little waves, the "beach"..beautiful!

robertsloan2art said...

Gorgeous scene. I love the near ground, I can almost feel the transition from squishy vegetation to cold damp sand as if I was walking on it barefoot. The light is so wonderful in this and the little waves so elegant. Great trees with beautiful sky holes.

So cool you're doing a workshop in Finland! It won't be next year but someday, if I do well in life and can afford it, I'll be able to travel and go to one of your workshops. I know I'd learn a lot from you in person.

Ari cat is sprawled on my lap right now purring, he likes your painting too since it's kept me sitting still. Much appreciation from us to Jennifur.


Your work is so gorgeous; I always check it out. You are going to Finland???? I would love to go, but alas, I am an oil painter.