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Sunday, December 21, 2014

What makes a Good Painting Apron

'The Road Less Traveled'             6x6          pastel           ©Karen Margulis
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I wore the my last apron until it fell apart. It was my lucky apron. It was getting threadbare and holes were forming but it was still my favorite apron. It was a sad day when the straps finally disintegrated. I had to admit it was time to retire it.  I loved the apron so much that I gave it to my daughter-in-law so that she could sew me a new one using the tattered apron as a pattern.

Until she has time to get to my apron (she is a busy mom with a business of her own ...Woodsy Woods) I have been on a hunt for a replacement apron. Nothing will do. They are too long or too stiff or not the right colors. I guess I am very picky when it comes to my apron. 

I haven't had any luck until last week. I was in Anthropologie with my daughter and decided to look at the aprons. I can tell by touch if the apron will do and I didn't have much hope as I browsed the rack of aprons. Until I pulled out one that actually felt right. It was!  I had found my new painting apron. Yes $30 for an apron at Anthropologie is expensive but I know I will wear it until it falls apart!

My new painting apron from Anthropologie
So what makes for a perfect painting apron? Here are the things I require:

  • It has to be soft and not at all stiff. I wear it all day long when I am in the studio so it has to feel light and invisible.  I have decided that an apron with linen is my favorite choice.
  • It can't be too long. I prefer for it to hit mid thigh. I don't want to feel like it is tripping me.
  • I like to have long ties. I like to pull the ties around me and tie a bow in the front. Maybe it makes me look thinner!
  • It has to have pockets for tissues and phone.
  • It has to coordinate with my clothes. Not really but I don't want my apron to clash. It bothers me. After all it is like an accessory so it might as well work with my wardrobe. My last apron had a whimsical flowered pattern that seemed to go with everything. The new apron is plain. I can pin my wool flowers on for color if I am in the mood.
  • It has to wash well and come out of the drier without wrinkles. I need to wash the apron a lot so it needs to hold up.
I think my new apron will fit the bill and I am excited to start the new year with a new lucky apron!

Jennifur likes it!


Jo Castillo said...

Nothing like a good apron! I get mine from cafepress.com with one of my paintings on it. Have a great new painting year.

robertsloan2art said...

Oh yeah! I miss my old black apron with Mi-Te Fast Print on it, the shop where I did typesetting for nearly a decade. It was a printer's apron that did for painting too. I also had a red one from Jerry's Artarama or something. Collected some aprons. Both are back in Arkansas.

Agree on those particulars for a good one, except I don't mind a bit long, like having lots of big pockets and if it says something on it ought to mean something to me. A pastels company like Ludwig or a supplier like Blick would do. I keep putting off getting a new one though.

Jennifur's approval is important! If anything conditions it properly, a resting cat cuddling up should improve its softness! Give her a big long scritch from me and let her know she's got a fan. Lovely lady.

Tim Moore said...

1st off, love the painting for today!..beautiful colors, beautiful light!..as for an apron, i am afraid my t-shirts have one by one, been turned into painting shirts..i dont like the feel of the strings around my neck on an apron..i sit mostly when painting, due to back problems and i tried an apron once and kept sitting on it and it pulled at my neck..Merry Christmas!..

Sergio DS said...

Great, love your painting.
Merry Christmas!