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Monday, March 02, 2015

Phoenix Workshop Day One

It was a great day to be inside painting! We woke up to a rainy day in Phoenix and I was glad it wasn't a plein air workshop! I was thrilled that 21 fantastic painters from the Arizona Pastel Painters Association came to paint! The theme for this two day workshop is 'How to Loosen Up and Add Spice to Your Paintings' . And everyone did an amazing job with many finishing two paintings!
I opened the workshop with some of my favorite 'Loose' tips and a demo using my simple approach to a pastel. After lunch we did alcohol wash underpaintings. The wildflower meadow in today's post was my afternoon demo.
One more day and I have a lot more planned! It is so much fun to share with such an enthusiastic and hardworking group of artists!



Polly Birchall said...

Stunning piece of work

robertsloan2art said...

Oh wow! It's wild to imagine rain in Phoenix! I've been there once, actually been through Arizona more than once, can't imagine the annual rain day. It must be incredible.

Love the painting. Bet your paper was toned cerise, I can see it peeking through, gives it some gorgeous harmony. Love the way alcohol underpainting looks, been trying it lately and wow, it gives a certain punch compared to dry underpainting.

Hope Thompson said...

I have been accused of being a "tight" painter. Will be interested in your tips to loosen up!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I learn so much from you!

Sandi G said...

Love this painting and composition.
I have a sort of tip that Ipad users might want to use.
I have often wanted to save a particular post of yours that has a lengthy demo and lots of info.
I came across a free ap entitled To PDF . I find a post I like and once you have the ap it will show the choice in a safari tab hit PDF tab and it takes your post to ap to create PDF then it asks where to save and I save to IBOOKs and there it is in my PDF folder for future viewing. When I want some info I just go there and that's where I can refer to a previous blog post without scrolling through a ton of posts to find it.

Karen said...

Thanks everyone!! Thanks Sandi for the awesome tip! I'd love to share this in a post so more can see!!! Thanks for sharing!

Sandi G said...

Your welcome, Karen. Share away . I'm very excited about it ! You can create a PDF of anything but a KEM post is most important 😉