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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Think Outside the Box ...Painting Format Matters.

'Reach for the Sun'      10x20       pastel          ©Karen Margulis
painting available $195
Do you think outside of the box? When it comes to choosing your painting size what governs your  choice?  Often for me it was the Pile. That is the pile of papers I keep in the corner of my studio. I would often just choose the piece of paper that was on the top of the pile. Size, type and color didn't matter. Or should it?

Sometimes I did give it more thought. A bit more. If it was a landscape then I would automatically orient my paper to landscape mode....horizontal. That was limiting.

I started to think outside the box. Landscape don't have to be painted in a horizontal rectangle. What about vertical or portrait orientation? Or how about squares? Even more interesting how about panoramic?  What about size? Standard paper sizes are safe. They are easier to frame. But do they fit the subject? Would a non-standard size be a better choice?

detail view
This is food for thought. I tend to stick with standard sizes but when I think outside of this standard box my possibilities are limitless. For today's painting I decided that a long and narrow format would be the best fit for my concept. The flowers are tall and leggy and are reaching high above the meadow. They called out for more room to grow and a 10x20 piece of paper was the answer.


Sunny Avocado said...

I LOVE it!

robertsloan2art said...

This is your best Queen Anne's Lace painting yet. It's gorgeous! Love the tall format and the way they're so dense at the base while the tallest flowers soar toward the light.

It reminds me of just how tall they really get in unmowed meadows.

Great color harmony, composition and balance. Weird shapes and formats can be inspiring! Wouldn't have thought of turning panoramic on end but this was a perfect decision!

Hope Thompson said...

A beautiful painting, and yes...it definitely pays to change the size of paintings. I do that a lot, especially with my watercolors. However, it definitely poses framing challenges. Hence, I had to learn to do my own matting and framing to save money. Geez that is another whole art form in itself. But, I love that too!

Anonymous said...

There is a ready made frame at Aaron Brothers for this in the collage section. Just use the multiple cut out mat for something else. Cut it up into a viewfinder grid maybe. Kristi