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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Would You Like to Simplify and Paint with More Expression?

'The Magic of New Mexico'            5x7        plein air pastel            ©Karen Margulis
purchase this painting here $95
Painting expressive plein air pastels involves all of our senses. It also requires the act of simplification. Removing the unnecessary. Making a simple plan and then letting go. Infusing a painting with emotion and beauty.

In our busy lives it is hard to do this. I have a proposal for you. Imagine immersing yourself into this world of simple beauty. Imagine taking the time to really see. Learn to use your senses to simplify and paint with expression and passion.

I have been invited to teach a pastel workshop in such a place. Consider joining me the week of October 7-14 for a Pastel Workshop Retreat at a wonderful Abbey in Pecos, New Mexico near Santa Fe.
'By the River'         5x7        pastel         $95

The Abbey has a retreat center and lovely grounds which includes a pond and wonderful trees. There is a river, distant mountain views, old buildings....plenty of painting inspiration. It is the perfect place for immersing ourselves for a few days in the wonderful world of art. We will spend time reflecting, experimenting, seeing and painting the beauty that surrounds us. I will share my techniques and thoughts about painting in a more loose, expressive and simple way. There will be many demos, discussions, feedback sessions and plenty of individual help at your easel.

A view from of the grounds

We are finalizing the details so the following details are tentative but of you are intrigued and would like to be added to our interest list please send me an email. Click here. 

Dates:  October 7-14, 2015. 4 day workshop. Arrive Thursday. Depart Tuesday
Cost: workshop instruction $95 per day
Lodging: $75 per day includes three meals.


Marsha Savage said...

Hmmm.... wonder if I could arrange to take your workshop! That would be fun! It does sound wonderful.

Karen said...

Marsha it is going to be great.....It is total immersion because we don't have to worry about meals, driving anywhere, just painting and talking art! It looks like a beautiful place too! New Mexico in October is wonderful!!

robertsloan2art said...

This will be so cool! Looking forward to seeing what you paint when you pull this together.

Today's paintings are very powerful. Love that photo too, it's a good one for a reference!

Sue Marrazzo said...

LOVE the 1st one so much!

Unknown said...

I would so love to join you on this one!