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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Painter's Passport France Expedition...Painting the Beach

'Gold Beach Afternoon'. 8x10. Pastel. Karen Margulis
It has been an artist's dream come true. Long days spent painting in the French countryside. There has been no reason to leave our manor and little town of Meuvaines. It is like a fairytale village. Stone farmhouses surrounded by fields of wheat and flax. We paint to the sound of cows and the cooing of doves.
This morning we painted on the grounds. I decided I would paint some minis. I did 12 of the before lunch. I sat outside but glanced at my camera for inspiration. Does that count as plein air? Here we are in front of our mansion along with some of my minis.
After lunch a few of us decided to go paint at the beach. Gold Beach is only about a mile from the house. When we got yo the beach the tide was coming in. Stan did a demo first then I did a quick one as well.


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