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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Painters Passport France Expedition....Saying Au Revoir to France

'The Cows of Meuvaines'. 5x7. Pastel. Karen Margulis

The days flew by yet they were long and languid at the same time. Sunset at 10:30 will do that. But after a week in the countryside of Normandy it was time to say Au revoir. Our last full day was a mix of painting and shopping. Stan did another couple of demos....cows and some trees. Both things I had been wanting to paint as well. The painting in this post was my last painting done in France.

Then it was time for a bit of shopping in Bayeux and lunch with the ladies. It was a fun afternoon with new friends. I bought a new painting apron with the Bayeux Tapestry. It will be a wonderful reminder of my trip. Then it was back to the mansion to pack.

Leaving was bittersweet. We were sad to leave but anxious to get home or to our next destination. Stan was ready for the second group to arrive. It was a wonderful week and many memories and paintings were made. I will be putting together photos of my paintings and stories from the trip in the coming days.

The next part of my adventure is a week in Sweden. I will be visiting a friend who lives in Sweden. I met her on last year's Iceland trip. The trip to Sweden almost came to a screeching halt when someone mistakenly grabbed my passport and boarding pass from the security line. After a harrowing 30 minutes it was turned in and I was on my way. I will go into more details in a future travel tip post.

We arrived at our home base for the week and I was greeted with a glass of homemade elderberry lemonade. Very unique and delicious. Our rented home is wonderful! Look for a video tour later this week. I can't wait to begin my exploration of Sweden!



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