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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What's in my Bag?

    'Taos Mountain View'.    5x7.   Pastel
Today is a travel day. I fly from Atlanta to Charlotte and then overnight to Paris! I have some airport downtime so I thought I would do some show and tell for today's blog post. Have you ever seen the magazine articles that show what people have in their bags? Well here is what I have in my carry on bag.

Here is Heidi with my luggage. I am taking my favorite suitcase (Sue thanks for the repair tip!) my Orvis backpack with art supplies and iPad and an Orvis tote bag. Here is what is in the tote:

1. My handouts for the workshops.
2. A small packing cube with a change of clothes and my Mountain Hardwear rain jacket. I'm prepared if my suitcase is delayed!
3. My jacket (packs down into a pocket)
4. A zippered bag of snacks.
5. A small bag of comfort items: inflatable pillow, toothbrush, wipes, tissues, tums, Tylenol.
6. A packable duffle bag from REI in case my stuff expands in 4 weeks!
7. A packing cube with my phone and watch chargers so they are handy.
8.My journal and a pen. 
 At the last minute I decided to bring my foldable plastic luggage cart. It is small and makes hauling around the backpack and tote much easier on the back!

I arrive in Paris Thursday morning and will meet the Painters Passport group at our hotel. I'll report back when I have wifi! 

1 comment:

robertsloan2art said...

No pocket art supplies? Well, journal and pen... you travel really, really light. I like to keep a 12 color Conte set in my pocket even if I'm just out on a medical appointment. Your will power is amazing!

It's all so organized too, everything in its separate containers. I may try something like that if I'm packing the backpack or anything large.