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Monday, October 19, 2015

Uses for a Pastel Study

'Golden days'              5x7            oil on panel             ©Karen Margulis
It is time well spent. Taking time to paint small studies has a payoff. Not only do small color studies play a role in making a good plan for a painting, they often stand on their own as little paintings. I enjoy framing or matting small 2.5x3.5 studies. It is easy to find a space for a small piece of art. I also am finding my studies serve yet another purpose. Small pastel studies help bridge the transition between mediums.

Using a study done in your current 'comfort zone' medium as inspiration for painting in a new medium is the key to a more successful painting.

It is challenging enough to learn to be fluent in a new medium....what are the proper techniques? How do we get the tools to do what we want? Do we even have the right supplies? Technical concerns take up much of our efforts.

2.5 x 3.5 inches     pastel study
Using successful studies for subject matter allows us to concentrate on the techniques and the new materials. We remove much of the struggle that goes into painting. We don't have to worry about composition or choosing values and colors. We have already done that work in our study. Now we can pay attention to the new medium....how to mix the color or find the right color. How to manipulate the brush or the pastel. 

One less thing to worry about makes the transition more enjoyable! I have many simple pastel studies that I know will make good subject matter for practice with oils. The next time you want to experiment with a new medium consider using studies from your comfort medium as inspiration!
I can't wait to get back at the easel and paint from my studies!

close up detail
I have been out of town teaching for much of the past month. I wasn't able to blog as frequently as usual but I am back home now filled with ideas and inspiration. I look forward to sharing with you!

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jytte said...

Lovely oil painting :o)