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Friday, December 18, 2015

Art Inspiration From Star Wars

'Down in the Bayou'            8x10      pastel         ©Karen Margulis
In the spirit of the current Star Wars hype I'd like to share a message that has profoundly influenced my approach to art. Yes it is related to Star Wars although I am not really invested in the movies. I saw the original way back when but that is about it.

But I do have a Star Wars related quote posted above my desk. It is a quote from Yoda. It guides me every day as an artist.

"Do or Do Not...There is no Try"    Yoda

A few years ago when I decided to become a full time working artist I was concerned. Could I really do it? Would I find collectors? Would artists want to take my classes? It was a scary time and it took a leap of faith. Yoda's quote reminded me that I had to just do it! There was no trying. I needed to believe in myself and work hard to achieve my goals as an artist.

An alcohol wash on toned uart paper

The quote worked for me. Whenever I would doubt myself....or whenever I was feeling tired or lazy....It reminded me to keep going. It reminded me that I need to DO. Not think about doing it or thinking about maybe trying it but to actually DO IT!  This thought still guides me. When I want to try something new I am reminded to find it in myself to work at it until I succeed. This mindset will come in handy in 2016 when I am setting new art goals!

I paint everyday because I am committed to Doing it. I make time to get in the studio at some point everyday so that I can become a better artist. Yoda's quote has helped me develop this habit so I am grateful to Star Wars!

the pastel palette used for today's painting.
Painting Notes: Today's painting is a study for a big project I will be working on over the next few weeks. I have been commissioned to paint 8 acrylic Louisiana landscapes for a new hotel. I am working on ideas and painting small pastel studies in preparation for the bigger paintings.


Anonymous said...

Instantly recognized the landscape as home. I live within walking distance of Bayou Lacombe, on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain, in Louisiana. Awaiting your upcoming posts for the commission work. There is a large art/artist community here, rich with great subject matter. Were the images your own or supplied for the paintings?

Karen said...

Thank you! The reference photo was taken by a friend who lives in Lafayette. I will be visiting her soon to take more photos!

robertsloan2art said...

This is almost a perfect swamp painting! I love it. Great start on studies for your series. I have to let you in on the secret of the Swamp Paintings though.

You need to put in the egret. Somewhere in it, often at a focal point, put in a white egret fishing or flying along or sitting on a crooked branch. Ambitious artists sometimes put in a flock of them. But the good ones always include the egret. Occasionally with a little Where's Waldo thing of having to find the egret in the reeds, but it'll be there.

Gorgeous trees and water though. Your style is gorgeous as always and the scene made me smile remembering driving through that kind of area on the way to New Orleans. Love it! Congrats on the cool commission too!