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Sunday, May 01, 2016

Cloud Studies at Sea

I am back on the road again... Or should I say back on the sea again! This time for some r&r time with my mom. I brought a suitcase full of art books and projects I want to work on. Things I never seem to find enough time for. Today was devoted to cloud study and luckily Mother Nature cooperated! 

I will be teaching a sky workshop in Florida next month so I worked on my plans but also took time to paint the morning clouds in my sketchbook. I am really enchanted with my small watercolor set lately!  I have a lot to learn and at times it can be frustrating but the happy accidents are worth it! 

I also enjoyed using the sketch n wash pencil that Tom Lynch have out at his demo at 
he Plein Air Convention.

Once again I am loving the sketchbook time. It is so relaxing I find I am slowing down and getting lost in it.

I will do a more thorough post on my sketchbook and supplies when I get home. It is time to get ready for cruise elegant night. Tomorrow I think I'll take out my pastels!
P.s. If you think I cruise a lot .....I just ran into a couple that we met on my art cruise in February and another couple with 295 days at sea! 


gailsibley.com said...

These are so lovely!

robertsloan2art said...

This is wonderful! I love your cloud studies and I can think of no better place for them than at sea, where you have a naturally simple horizon and the clouds take center stage. They're wonderful! I've been doing some trees and landscapes lately in watercolor or watercolor pencils so this makes me really smile. Love a small watercolor set!

My smallest is a micro-mini by Richeson where I replaced the 8 kid watercolor tabs, each about the size of an aspirin, with Daniel Smith watercolors. I'm surprised at how long it's lasting, only now is the Quinacridone Gold starting to hit bottom and want a refill sometime.