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Monday, May 02, 2016

Focused Practice...Cozumel Clouds

Today was all about clouds and I was lucky that they cooperated. The plan was to stay on the ship and paint clouds. Cozumel has beautiful beaches but I just wanted to relax and paint all day! 

I started with a watercolor study in my sketchbook. The sky was full of billowing clouds and I chose a spot on the aft deck to enjoy my coffee with a good view of the sky. 

I am starting to uncover the mysteries of watercolor. It's a good stretch for my brain to work light to dark!

After breakfast it was time to switch gears and go dark to light with my pastels. Back to lounge chair painting with my single Heilman sketch box. 

I only painted 3 small studies but I spent a lot of time just looking. There is no better teacher than Mother Nature herself! I took notes as I observed colors and edges....the key to clouds! 

Tomorrow the cloud study continues!


Ellen Schulz said...

Stunning! I love clouds and your studies show that you spent a lot of time and heart just looking. You've inspired me to look more closely, too. :). I smile thinking of it!

Gayle said...

What an amazing vista and you've captured those fleeting moments so well!

jytte said...

Dear Karen
Very nice colours in your clouds. To avoid hard edges you could try out wet in wet i.e. wet the paper through out and then dip the blue paint there where you want the sky and let it paint itself. Then add the different colours into the clouds while the paper is still wet. It is great fun :o)