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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Pastel Workshop Croatia day 3 Skies, Windows and Wine

The morning began with coffee and the usual assortment of breakfast treats...and a beautiful blue sky. Dare I say I was hoping for a few clouds? It was cloud and sky day at the workshop and an interesting sky would be nice. And as luck would have it some wonderful wispy clouds appeared just in time for our morning session. 

After sharing tips and techniques for painting more effective skies I finished with a larger demo of the sunset we had all experienced at dinner. It was a fun and productive morning.

After lunch we headed to the town of Rovinj with our own personal tour guide. What an amazing place! I couldn't stop taking pictures. But we did manage to stop for ice team and some sketching. I got Choco delight. They did have Viagra ice cream. We were afraid to ask!

And to top off the day we had a treat with a personal wine tasting and tapas. The Istrian wines were wonderful and we were all laughing and singing on the ride back to the villa.

Here are just a few of my photos . Do you notice a theme? I know my posts have been short and sweet but I will be writing more in depth and sharing more when I am home! Thanks for following along! 


Gayle said...

A theme you asked? My first answer was "windows", then I read again through both day 2 and 3 with amazing photos of paintings and food and thought the overriding theme was pure "joy"! Can't get any better. Your art travelogues are so enjoyable - thanks for sharing.

Dee Martella said...

How interesting and charming are your posts! Keep safe.

robertsloan2art said...

Wonderful photos! You're having a great time there - what's the deal with mosquito nets only half way around the umbrellas? Do they go all the way round in evening when bugs bite? They make an interesting element in that photo, all cool gauzy drapery!