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Friday, August 12, 2016

The Icelandic Sheep Project...Monoprints and Pastel Play

'Not Sheepish 2'         5x7      pastel over monoprint         ©Karen Margulis
available $50
Sometimes you just need to play. Of course very day that I can spend time in the studio and paint is a good day but sometimes you need to shake things up and try something totally different. So when my friend Bonnie asked me if I wanted to do some monoprints I was all for it.  I was introduced to monotypes/monoprints several years ago by my son. He was doing them in school and thought I might like the process. I loved it! 

 My box of monoprint supplies had been on the shelf for too long so Bonnie's invitation was welcome. The box came off the shelf and I brushed up on the process. The fun thing about making monoprints is that there is no right or wrong way to do them. It is very freeing. (I will share more on this next week.)

'Not Sheepish'    5x7   monoprint on paper     $50  

'Sheep in the Meadow'      5x7     monoprint on paper   $50
Bonnie and I spent a fun morning in the studio printing like crazy!. She did some wonderful landscape prints. I became fascinated with one image and all of my prints revolved around it. I am calling it my Icelandic Sheep Project because a photo I took in Iceland became my inspiration.

The ghost print before adding pastel
How to make a monoprint?
There are many ways to make a print. I chose a very simple and low cost, low tech method. You need a printing plate, ink and paper and a wooden spoon.

1. I used a piece of glass from an old frame for my plate. I taped the edges for safety. I used water soluble black oil paint for my 'ink'. I used Arches 88 paper and various painting tools such as cotton swabs, brushes and rags.

2. I painted my plate with black paint and worked quickly to subtract my image using rags and cotton swabs.

3. I paced my precut paper over the plate and transferred the image by rubbing the back of the paper with a wooden spoon. I carefully lifted the paper to reveal the print.

4. I put another piece of paper on the plate and pressed and pulled another print. This print was much lighter (ghost print) I used it as a base for a pastel painting. Degas used a similar technique for many of his paintings. I have this great book on Degas monoprints

Adding pastel

Tools of the trade
I have more prints to work with and I will share them next week.

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Dee Martella said...

I finally got to watch your blog on monotypes and you use pastel right over the image or do you have to spread clear gesso over it first? I have a large monoprint I made years ago (20 years) of a swan on heavy print (Rives) paper...I think I would love to try this....

Karen said...

Thanks Dee, I didn't use any clear gesso and just painted over the print.