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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Taking my own Advice

    'The Moment of Truth'.      5x7.      Oil

Today was the perfect day to take my own advice. I painted with oils all day at the Blue Ridge Georgia Paintout. I managed to paint 6 studies all of them 5x7. I purposely didn't get my pastel paper stamped for the painting event so I wouldn't be tempted to take out my pastels.

I've been telling myself I would set aside time to work on oil painting but I never do. I even treated myself to the best supplies...a Strada easel and Rosemsry brushes (love both)  But I know better. The best supplies won't make you a better painter unless you actually USE them!  When I am asked how to improve I always advice the artist to practice! Time at the easel is the secret! And it is true for any medium! I paint every day with my pastels! 

So today I devoted myself to making friends with my oil paints. I am using Cobra water soluble oils which made clean up easy! I really enjoyed myself. I have 4 panels left so I'll see what tomorrow brings.


jytte said...

Dear Karen

These paintings are absolutely delightful :o)

Angela Taylor said...

Great post, and wonderful works. It's wonderful to see people setting aside time for themselves. If someone doesn't set aside time for themselves, they won't have the energy, etc. needed to share beautiful works with others, etc. Anyway, great post. :) Thanks for sharing.

Jon L. said...

Would you tell me what colors you used in "Moment of Truth"? Also, is it for sale?

Karen said...

Thank you friends for the comments!

Jon, the painting is currently at the Blue Ridge Mountain Art center until October 11 after that they will be for sale and will be listed in my etsy shop. Thanks for asking. I used a limited palette of ultramarine blue, cad yellow medium, carmine, perm red violet and white.